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Workshops & Presentations

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Spark for Life psychology offers presentations and workshops on mental health, well-being, development and behaviour by Educational and Developmental Psychologist Carla.

Current Listed Workshops and Presentations

For Adolescents and Young Adults:

  • Mental Fitness (youth mental health)

  • Bounce Back (building youth resiliency)

  • Body Positive (healthy body image and self esteem)

  • Study Skills (managing stress and tips for study)


  • Youth Mental Health

  • Building Youth Resiliency (focusing on either primary or high school ages)

  • Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour​

Each listed presentation/workshop runs for approximately 2 hours including time allocated for questions. Listed workshops held at client’s premises within Canberra/Queanbeyan cost $880 (includes travel to the venue). Individualised workshops can also be commissioned to meet your group’s specific needs. Presentations outside the Canberra/Queanbeyan area are also possible.

Contact us to discuss a presentation or workshops to meet your needs, and obtain a quote.

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