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Spark for Life was founded in Perth in 2016 by Carla Crossman (Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Psychology supervisor) before she moved the practice to Canberra in 2018 and expanded into the new practice in Isaacs in 2021. Learn more about Carla and our vision on the about page. We are a private practice, based on a model of employing mental health clinicians to support our many clients. We are a Neurodiversity affirming and inclusive practice and we welcome diversity into our team. 

Spark for Life focuses on supporting young people and their families throughout their lives. We offer comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, counselling, parent support, and group programs. Our aim is to help our clients and their families understand neurodiversity, including each individual’s strengths and difficulties. 

We adopt an “always recruiting” philosophy, because we always welcome approaches from skilled mental health clinicians who are keen to work with us. Please don’t feel you need to wait to see us advertising! If you know you’re the right fit for what we do and who we are (which you’ll have guessed from our social media presence), please get in touch!

We are proud to be building a team-based culture of collegiality and support and we are passionate about finding the right match for that culture. With that in mind, our selection process is largely based on choosing people who will fit within our team. We want you to fit right in, feel valued and welcome as a team member, and come to your working day feeling happy, satisfied, and supported.

Come join us!

We are currently looking for:


Allied Health Clinicians - Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors and Occupational Therapists.


Therapy Assistants


 Please contact us for more information.

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