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Spark For Life creates a space in which staff and clients feel physically, emotionally, and physiologically safe to relax and offer their vulnerability. We welcome each individual's expression of self except where it impinges on another's right to safety.


Spark For Life is a place where staff practice being true to themselves, and help clients discover and live according to their own values.


Spark For Life is a place where every individual is valued for who they uniquely are, and what they uniquely bring to the therapeutic relationship, whether as a staff member or a client.


Spark For Life creates a space where everyone feels welcome to express their true self and is able to engage with our practice physically, sensorially, and in alignment with their values.


Spark For Life is a family-focused practice that is committed to supporting families, whatever they look like, both for staff and clients.


Spark For Life recognises that the power of privilege comes at the expense of others, and is committed to using its privilege to advocate for change that benefits others, through actions large and small.

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