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Melissa Lee (she/they)

Therapy Assistant
Studying Development and Anthropology


I’m an experienced facilitator - previously working to develop and present a program based on consent and gender discrimination to teens. Working at Spark has given me the unique opportunity to integrate my passion for learning through play into my experience as a facilitator. 

My goal is to assist in developing inclusive, culturally sensitive, and fun programs to help children and teens to learn in a range of styles. 


  • Gender, sexuality and identity 

  • Facilitation and program development 

  • Play therapy facilitation 

  • Life skills support work 


More About Melissa:


I am student of both the classroom and of life. I have always been fascinated by people and the need for community. At university I study Anthropology and Community Development with the goal of learning all about how we form and interact within “community”. As a young person I was fortunate to have a strong connection to community, led by some incredible mentors. As a young adult, I want to pay forward the mentorship I received as a young person by role modelling and facilitating spaces for community to thrive. 

Outside of work and uni, I’m a competitive cheerleader with two titles under my belt. I also love the ocean and diving and currently have a brand new swag that I can’t wait to get filthy! 

Three words that describe Melissa: Tenacious, kind, and bubbly 

Spirit Animal: Dolphin

Favourite Game: Capture the flag 

Something people wouldn’t guess about you: I love to skateboard! 

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