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Josie Remmel (she/her)

Social Work Student / Groups Coordinator 
Bachelor of Arts: Sociology and Criminal Justice, Masters of Social Work student, two years' teaching experience


Spark for Life Psychology is a place for children and families to be themselves, learn social skills in a neuro affirmative manner, and improve their general wellbeing. This mission aligns with my passions and past work experience.  I am passionate about tailoring psychological care to children's needs as well as promoting safe, culturally-responsive spaces for children to flourish. 

I have worked as a special education teacher, nanny, assistant teacher, and case manager on education plans. Through these roles, I have come to truly believe that neuro affirmative care is effective in promoting autonomous well-being for children and young people, particularly those of neurodiverse backgrounds. Through lived experience and working in the education system, I feel strongly about using strength-based approaches while working with children and families to motivate positive change.


  • Play Therapy

  • Teaching for Neurodiversity 

  • Neurodiverse Parent Support

  • School Psychology

  • Animal-Assisted Therapy

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More About Josie:


I grew up in Minnesota in the USA and moved to Australia in 2022 to escape the cold. During my time in Minnesota, I struggled through middle and high school with my mental health. Additionally, I struggled with finding mental health providers who would adjust strategies to fit my needs. Motivated to provide a listening ear to others experiencing similar issues, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice in the US. Through my 4 years of study, I worked at a local dog day care which led me to realise that both animals and exercise are extremely therapeutic! 

After graduating during the height of COVID, I began working in an assistant teacher role helping primary school-age children to navigate distance learning. As distance learning came to a close, I was recommended by a colleague to apply for a special education teaching role in a low-income school district. During my time as a teacher, I underwent training for teaching from a trauma-informed approach, as well as teaching to young neurodiverse minds. These experiences and training sparked my passion for working with young minds. Currently, I am studying a Master’s degree of Social Work at ACU Canberra. 

In my free time you can find me running, hiking, and reading. I also love to travel and am keen to see more of Australia! 

Three words that describe Josie: Resourceful, patient, adventurous

Spirit Animal: Turtle

Favourite Game: Chess

Something people wouldn’t guess about you: I broke my foot the first time I tried surfing!

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