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Erica Thomas (she/they)

Provisional Psychologist

I recently finished my Master of Professional Psychology at the Australian National University and am so excited to support others to work towards their mental health goals with a compassionate and strength-based approach. I am deeply committed to understanding the cultural, and social background and context of the people I work with and am particularly dedicated to creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse people. 


  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Mindfulness 

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy  (ACT)


  • Neurodiversity


  • Group therapy 

  • Depression and Anxiety 

  • Assessment and Diagnosis 


More About Erica:


I grew up in Sydney with my mum and brother and found quickly that, while I wasn’t particularly confident around people at school, the small group of friends I had would often come to me for emotional support. I now have three younger siblings, and though they live on the other side of Australia, it’s been wonderful watching them grow from afar.

I love boardgames and tabletop RPGs and will forever be grateful for my high school history teacher for helping some friends and I create the Chess and Strategic Games Club. I was a really shy kid, but this club supported me to meet and connect with other kids, and eventually helped me build the confidence to take a leadership role in the club, organising a mini Magic the Gathering tournament!

My partner and I moved to Canberra a few years ago and now have two adorable (and naughty!) rescue cats, Turkey and Mushroom, and a beautiful community of queer and neurodiverse friends and family that we cherish. 

Three words that describe Erica: Warm, curious, and gentle

Spirit Animal: Ocelot

Favourite Game: Dungeons & Dragons 

Something people wouldn’t guess about you: I first went to an art and design university to become a gallery curator and/or critic! I love interactive, immersive, and sculptural art and would love to one day have a ceramic studio.  

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