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Join us at Spark!Jnr to build resilience, overcome anxieties and have fun!

SPARK!Jnr Groups are designed to help children from a young age learn about their thoughts, feelings and actions in order to build resilience, gain confidence, and be able to handle life’s ups and downs all in a fun, safe and interactive group environment. These groups are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).


Over the five week program children and their parents will learn:

· About the brain and its role in emotions and actions

· Emotional regulation skills

· Helpful thinking strategies

· Managing life’s ups and downs

· Building self worth and confidence

· Mindfulness and relaxation

All in a fun and interactive way!

A combination of these social and emotional skills are effective in helping children and young people bounce back from difficult times and to not only get through life but to find their spark and thrive.


Advantages of Group programs

Group programs are an excellent way to help learn and practice social and emotional skills with children around their own age. Participants in the groups can develop a sense of belonging and learn from the experiences of others.


Parallel education for parents (Free)

Children learn best when supported by their parents and carers, for this reason we provide 5 online webinars that run in parallel to the group sessions so parents can support their children’s learning and growth. The webinars are based on child development, and neuroscience.  They provide parents and carers with practical strategies to manage everyday difficulties as well as how to help their children develop resilience, confidence and to thrive.


SPARK!Jnr  program outline

Week 1 Intro and the Brain: Get to know ourselves and each other. Learn about the brain and how it is the control centre of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Week 2 Emotions: Understanding and recognising feelings in ourselves and others; how do they feel and look. Learning your body cues, riding the waves of emotion, relaxation and mindfulness strategies.

Week 3 Thoughts: Learn about how our thoughts affect our feelings and actions. How to notice our thoughts, focusing on helpful thoughts and how to change unhelpful thoughts into helpful ones.

Week 4 Taking Action: Using helpful thoughts to problem solve and make good choices. Being kind to others, and activities we can do to help us feel happy. Goal setting and taking steps to reach them.

Week 5 Review and Future thinking: Putting it all together; recap of the brain, body, emotions, thoughts and actions. Helpful role models, focusing on what makes us thrive and planning for the future

Groups run each school term for 5 consecutive Saturdays (occasionally we run holiday intensives which are daily for 5 days in the holidays)

5-7 year olds 9.30-11.30am Saturdays 

8-10 year olds 12.30-2.30pm Saturdays 

Please contact us to find out the dates of the next program

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Get in touch to find out more and enrol your child on 0403563686 or contact us here!