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Joshua Clark (he/him)

Occupational Therapist
Master of Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Music (Performance)
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My first experience of what an Occupational Therapist does was from a neuro-affirming practitioner. Seeing how comfortable and safe she made the people she worked with feel, as well as the advocacy from the neurodivergent community for neuro-affirming care, solidified my desire to work in this area of Occupational Therapy.

I am a recent graduate from the University of Canberra and through my degree gained clinical experience in paediatric, acute mental health and youth justice settings. I have since been asked to present a lecture to current Occupational Therapy students on my work in youth justice. As an Occupational Therapist, I aim to support children, adolescents and their families through creating a safe and responsive therapeutic relationship and environment that enables the people I am working with to lead their sessions. Strategies implemented in sessions, at home and at school are based on the individual's strengths and values.


I am passionate about understanding individuals' physical and social environments and how these impact participation in occupation. Through this understanding, I can advocate alongside the people I am working with to support their aspirations. Lastly, I aim to empower the people I am working with so they feel able to explore their occupations in ways that align with their strengths and values.


  • Neurodiverse affirming 

  • Occupation focused

  • Family centred

  • Strengths based

  • Guided by neurodivergent-led research and the neurodivergent community


  • Neurodiversity 

  • Sensory modulation and helping increase awareness of sensory preferences

  • Co-regulation and self-regulation 

  • Interoception 

  • Motor coordination 

  • Environmental adaptation 

  • Nature-based Occupational Therapy

  • Group Occupational Therapy

  • Advocacy 

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More About Joshua:


Prior to becoming an Occupational Therapist, I was a professional classical musician in Sydney. During this time I was also a trumpet tutor. Forming collaborative relationships with my students and providing guidance on the goals they have set for themselves has always been extremely rewarding. All of this amalgamated in me deciding to become an Occupational Therapist. Although, you can still catch me playing trumpet around Canberra! 

During school I always struggled with concentrating on school work, handwriting and spelling. As well as this, I have always had things in my environment that have bugged me (fruit stickers, certain fabrics, smells). It wasn’t until my studies that I learnt about our individual sensory preferences and how they can impact participation in meaningful activities. This sparked my passion of wanting to help children understand their own sensory preferences, and help them adapt their environment to thrive. 

As well as being an Occupational Therapist, I love hanging out with my dog Gavin, I am a lego enthusiast, a heavy metal music fan and one of my main occupations is Triathlon. 

Three words that describe Bobbie: Energetic, silly, and encouraging 

Spirit Animal: Meerkat

Favourite Game: Uno

Something people wouldn’t guess about you: I worked as a barista and love specialty coffee!

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