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Erica Boulter (she/her)

Clinical Psychologist
BA-Psych (Hons), MSCP


As a psychologist I have worked primarily with adults in a range of roles in the community sector and public service.  This has included trauma as well as acute and chronic mental health.  Earlier on in my career, my interest focused on children, and my goal was to specialise in child psychology.  As a student, I always enjoyed seeing my younger clients the most.  For some time now I have worked in adult mental health and I would now like to return to my earlier passion working with children and young people.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with children and families at Spark for Life.  

When I work with children, I like seeing them develop the confidence in themselves they need to overcome their difficulties.  I believe, and I know, that every child can learn and thrive given the right tools and support.  It is important that we find ways to empower children so that they can develop the skills they need for a rich and rewarding life, recognising their personal strengths.  Children have an innate curiosity to learn, and we need to encourage and nuture that curiosity so that they can reach their full potential.  I am strongly commited to the wholistic development of children to enable them to cultivate their emotional, physical, cognitive and social abilities.  I believe it is equally important that they have fun and that I can connect, develop rapport and build trust with them in the process.


  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills

  • Brief Solution Focussed Therapy

  • Mindfulness


  • Neurodiversity

  • Group therapy

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Mania and psychosis

  • Family therapy


More About Erica:


I am an identical twin, which I did not find easy. I was often compared to my sister by teachers in ways that often made me feel that I was not as smart or as clever as she was.  My sister found it easier to learn and tended to get high marks in every subject.  As a child, I found learning difficult.  I had the most difficulty with English and maths.  Even in primary school I remember having to do remedial classes.  I found it hard to write legibly.  I wrote too quickly, which didn’t help.  In addition to these difficulties—and quite possibly on account of them, at least in part—I was an anxious and shy child.  For obvious reasons, that made my time at school even harder.  My parents were unable to help, as neither of them was particularly confident and both had left school early.  High school was no easier.  My anxiety got worse, and I decided it was easier to just leave school. After I left high school, I sought help for my anxiety and returned to my studies when I was older.  

But things did turn around for me and university was a completely different experience for me.  With the right kind of support from my partner at home and staff on campus, I was able to complete my studies with honours. Slowly but surely, I was able to overcome the fear and lack of confidence that made my time as a child and high school student so unhappy.  I came to believe in myself and my ability, not just to get by, but do well and to be rewarded for that.  With each success I grew stronger and happier.  I think my academic success is one of my biggest personal achievements.  I have certainly become more proficient in English, although I still find maths difficult.  And my writing is still illegible—sometimes even I find it hard to read!

My other big personal achievement is being a mother to 7 ½ year old triplets.  They are bright, smart, confident, outgoing, resilient, and most importantly, happy children.  I am proud that they have turned out to be so different to me at their age, and to know that they are growing up believing in themselves.

Three words that describe Erica: Fun, witty, and compassionate

Spirit Animal: Wolf

Favourite Game: All kinds of word games

Something people wouldn’t guess about you: I love a good horror movie, especially supernatural ones that involve ghosts and demons! 

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