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Ella Edwards-Smith (she/her)

Senior Therapy Assistant
4th year student in B.Sc(Psych),  AdvDipMusicInd


Growing up with ADHD, I always felt as though life was a piece of Ikea furniture I didn’t have the instructions to. Entering high-school, I had relied on being ‘bright’ but was ill-equipped with the time-management, social, and organisation skills needed for high-school, university and life in the workforce. For me, it was my school psychologists who provided me with the tools I needed to thrive and navigate my adolescence; and it’s something I’ve wanted to pursue ever since. 

I’m passionate about providing support to young people as I’ve seen how much of a difference it can make across the lifespan. I’m passionate about providing a safe, warm and welcoming environment for young people to be themselves, as well as providing evidence-based tools and frameworks to help young people thrive in childhood, adolescence and beyond.


  • Helping young people with anxiety, school issues, and perfectionism.

  • Helping neurodiverse and LGBTQIA+ young people thrive in individual and social settings. 

  • Child and developmental psychology.

  • 3 years' experience in the mental health industry.


More About Ella:


I’m originally from Perth and when I’m home I love to spend time by the water and in the sun whenever I can. I also love spending time with my dog Lenny and teaching him obstacle courses at the park. I also have a love for music, singing and playing guitar which led me to completing an Advanced Diploma of Music Industry at WAAPA in 2019. I have fond memories of writing songs, playing festivals with friends and recording music. Ultimately, I hope to continue incorporating music into my life and clinical practice. 

In 2020, my passion for helping others led me moving to Canberra to start my journey of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as a psychology student at the ANU where I’ve been lucky enough to work with amazing mentors and make great friends along the way. When I’m not studying, I enjoy reading, watching baking shows and finding the best restaurants in Canberra.


Three words that describe Ella: Creative, enthusiastic, and joyful

Spirit Animal: Koala

Favourite Game: Balloon Tennis

Something people wouldn’t guess about you: I’ve done open water swimming! I completed a 10km swim in 2020 and plan on completing the Rottnest channel swim after I finish my degree.

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