Perinatal Support

Spark for Life psychology provides support with Educational and Developmental Psychologist Carla to mothers, fathers, infants and their families  throughout their parenting journey; prior to conception, throughout fertility treatments, pregnancy, postpartum and into the years following the birth of a baby.  This can be a stressful and vulnerable time for families and support is here for you throughout every step of the journey.

Some of the reasons that families seek Support are around:


  • Pre-conception and conception support

  • Pre-termination or post-termination support

  • The emotional process of fertility treatment

  • Depression, anxiety and stress that may impact successful conception

  • Infertility



  • Anxieties associated with birth and parenthood

  • Bonding to your fetus

  • Antenatal depression and anxiety

  • Preparing for parenthood

  • Unplanned pregnancy – wanted and unwanted

  • Perinatal grief and loss



  • Postnatal depression and anxiety

  • Birth trauma

  • Adjusting to parenthood

  • Attachment and bonding with baby

  • Premature birth and multiple birth

  • Feelings of sadness, irritability, guilt and being overwhelmed

  • Fatherhood

  • Your couple relationship



  • Infant mental health

  • Bonding to your baby

  • Fostering your baby’s emotional development

  • Relating to and understanding your infant or toddler

  • Understanding your toddler’s behaviour

  • Parenting approaches

  • Relating to and understanding your baby, toddler or child

  • Behaviour management strategies


(more information about Parenting services for older children)

Parent Support services are also available either in home or through Telehealth via online services in Coviu.


Each Parent counselling consultation is 50 minutes in duration.  The first one or two consultations involve gaining a thorough understanding of your unique situation including your family dynamics and current difficulties, in order to work together in developing a plan. A range of therapeutic approaches are used depending on the individual situation.

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